How Do I Find My Perfect Wedding Dress?

Congratulations on your engagement. You have now booked your reception and ceremony, now you need to start looking for your wedding dress.

This is one of the most exciting times in a brides life. My motto is simple “your wedding dress is the most beautiful dress you will ever wear “. Yes, every bridal gown is beautiful, and finding your perfect dream gown that suits you. Some basic points to keep in mind…….

Wedding dresses can take up between 6-8 months to order and usually not including the months between December and February, as the bridal production shuts down internationally during these months. You also need to allow 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding day to begin your bridal gown alterations.

Work out your bridal gown budget. Every bride has a budget. Go in with an open mind to try on different suggested styles that you didn’t consider to ever try on. Gowns look different on a hanger, they come to life when a real body is in it. From my experience most brides will end up ordering their wedding dress style to the opposite of what they visioned of wearing on their wedding day. You will surprise your self.

Looking at these tall models in bridal gown images on social media, magazines etc…….. are lovely to look at, but we are all different shapes, sizes and personalities. Your perfect Wedding Dress should accentuate your bust, waist and hips. The silhouette must be flattering for your shape in every way.

All these points are taken into consideration for your wedding dress choice.

Try not to get all caught up with as I like to say “a fashion of the moment wedding dress”. These gowns are usually a short term trend. Your wedding day photos are your lifetime memories, and you don’t want to have any dress regrets. Bridal fashion changes, but one thing that never changes are the five silhouettes.

I always say look timeless,classical and elegant as a bride in a modern way. Trying on too many bridal gown styles will become overwhelming and confusing. Bringing too many people to your bridal dress appointment can (most of the time) put you in confusion, with too many opinions, about what your entourage are liking and not liking about the styles of gowns you are trying on.
To your bridal appointments bring along with you, no more than 2-3 people.

You are wearing the gown at the end of the day. When you look in the mirror “do you feel and look beautiful?” If yes, well that’s your wedding dress, you have found the perfect gown for you!

Post written by Mangala Lahood. Mangala is the owner of Maison Mangala and can be found on ‘The Wedding Local’ website here.

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