Live Music Vs iPod Recorded Music for the Ceremony

The job of a Professional Wedding Musician is to create a soundscape for your ceremony that captures the spirit of you as a couple from start to finish.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and welcome to my first blog on The Wedding Local.

This blog is based on one of the most common discussions I have had with Bridal parties at wedding expos – the advantages of having live music at your Wedding Ceremony as opposed to having recorded music.

The job of a Professional Wedding Musician is to create a soundscape for your ceremony that captures the spirit of you as a couple from start to finish. Here are a few points of consideration:


Recorded music from your ipod is cheaper than having live music – and this is an important consideration on a day that is easy to have expenses add up very quickly.


What music is the right music? How much music do you need to program?

Professional Live Musicians come with many more hours of music than they ever need, it is our job to ‘read’ the guests as to what music is needed to keep the mood buoyant, and to keep the music flowing until the bridal party arrives (which can sometimes be much later than anticipated!)

Live musicians will also continually adjust their volume to be “loud enough to be heard, but not too loud to overpower conversation” – this volume control is a vital issue for ipod play lists taken from multiple albums which have been mastered at different volume levels – some pieces will be very soft, and then the next suddenly loud.

If having an outdoor ceremony, acoustic musicians can act as a attention grabber for guests who are looking for where the ceremony is.

The Ceremony

The big moment has arrived – the music starts playing – the bridesmaids are at the front, and you are nearing the end of your entrance – how does the music finish?

If you walk in to a track – where is the next ‘right spot’ to end, or do you cut the music mid-phrase, or do you stand there for an undetermined amount of time waiting for the recording to finish?

Live musicians will find a tasteful way to finish playing the piece when you get to the front, and make it all look and sound choreographed, like something from the movies.

For all other parts of the ceremony musicians will work smoothly with the celebrant / minister to start and end at all the right moments and keep a soundscape continuity to your entire ceremony.

Other Concerns

If having your ceremony outdoors in a public park, many councils don’t allow sound systems for playing music – whereas acoustic musicians have no issues.

Once you know what you are allowed to use, you then have to find the right speakers and sound system (possibly investing in purchasing the right unit) and you then need to transport it, set it up and find someone to operate it for you. Wedding musicians know what equipment is right for the location and come with it ready to go in perfect working order.

Technical issues: speakers don’t work, the connection between player and speaker isn’t working etc etc – this a very common last minute stress for many weddings- and then friends / family who are not sound technicians or music experts are trying to desperately solve problems before the arrival of the bridal party. – Professional Wedding Musicians ensure that this does not happen – and if they do have a technical issue of any sort, it is solved quickly, and often without any of the bridal party or guests noticing, and the big plus is there is no undue stress on anyone!

And lastly the concern of ‘soundscape’. With the amount of effort that goes into finding the right venue, the right florist, the right photographer, the right celebrant – all professional services that look after the senses of sight, smell and occasion, Professional Wedding Musicians will look after the sound-scape to be entirely reflective and supportive of your day.

On a personal note, one of my other professional hats is as an entertainer for those with dementia. Music from their wedding always gets a response on such a deep and beautiful level, and can at times bring that person ‘back’ for a short time. Your wedding is something that will be etched in your memory banks for the rest of your life, and sound and music is such an important memory trigger, to me, this is the best motivation to ensure you get a professional wedding musician to look after not only the day, but the memories that will stay with you a lifetime.

If you would like to discuss your wedding music further, please feel free to ask here or to e-mail me, or to visit my website: where you will find many other helpful hints on Wedding Music!

I wish everyone reading this blog the best for their upcoming wedding!

Vov Dylan

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