Wedding Photography In Less Than Perfect Weather

Written by Dale from DC Images 

One of the frequently asked questions we hear from couples about their Sydney wedding photography and/or film is about the weather, “what happens if it is raining?”

Firstly, let me say whatever the conditions there are always amazing photographs to be taken, regardless of the conditions. Secondly, whilst rain mightn’t have been your ‘plan A’ most of the time the dramatic weather and skies can be to our advantage as it offers us that truly creative and unique opportunity.

For example, all three images showcased here are that much more eye catching because it was raining. 

1. The silhouette (above) – we hung around for a two-minute sunset and for us it is the dark and stormy thunder clouds that make it different and special
2. Without Stephen & Claire (below) holding the umbrella their photo would simply be another typical cuddly couple shot but the quirky nature of them hiding underneath makes it unique
3. The black & white image (at the bottom) – without being moved inside due to the rain we would never have been able to bounce our flash off the high ceiling to create the shadows and more dramatic lighting

It will all come down to willingness obviously. Is it too cold, too windy, raining too much? Naturally, we don’t want to see couples blowing around like tumble weeds. It is about comfort for sure. However, rest assured I will walk barefoot through the snow if needed, so if a couple is keen to get stuck into their Sydney wedding photography (whatever the conditions) then so I am.

Adding to this we have heard it said by others that overcast conditions and/or rain is good and/or means good luck. I have no idea about the luck aspect but let me say it is neither good or bad. Ideally, as a professional photographer (and to steal song title from ‘Crowed House’) I want ‘four seasons in one day’ as it all adds to the drama and lighting opportunities in its own unique way. You cannot have a sunset without the sun. Clouds are what provides scale and drama to the sky. It is always super cool to see a glamourous gown and/or veil ‘blowing in the wind’ (to steal another song title #bobdylan). Most of the time with portraits and skin tones we want the soft lighting a filtered/cloudy sky offers. And trust me, whilst it might be cold-ish, weddings in the snow are amazing!

In other words, Sydney wedding photography has many challenges however in my humble opinion rainy wedding days are not a big issue.

Booking a genuinely experienced and professional photographer is the most important bit. Then plan for the best, discuss the options if the weather doesn’t end up perfect, and whatever the weather look forward to having an awesome day.

Hope this helps. If you would like to discuss your wedding photography I am listed on ‘The Wedding Local website here or you can visit my website via

Cheers, Dale.

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