The world of Footloose has become a reality!


The guidelines for how weddings can proceed is constantly changing, and trying to make any plans is highly stressful for all involved.

The constant factors that have been continually emphasised however are:
1. Limited numbers with social distancing.
2. No singing
3. No Dancing

This means that for the weddings that do go ahead, the look and feel is going to be very different from what has happened in the past.

Entertainment and music also needs to be altered to be considerate of this. Considerations for this will include (but not limited to):

1. What do you do with an empty dance floor?
2. Smaller numbers allowed, therefore maybe a smaller band?
3. Band and DJ Playlists need to change to not include a ‘dance set’.
4. If you have booked a live band does it include a singer?

A live acoustic instrumental ensemble is the perfect answer to all of the above.

A Trio or Quartet will be ample in volume to be heard by all guests while not being overpowering for conversation.

A acoustic ensemble doesn’t require electric leads, cables, speakers etc so it can be easily positioned on the dance floor – visually filling the space – and also restricting any potential for dancing.

While people can dance to such ensembles – acoustic string ensembles are not typically dance bands – so while they can play all your favourite dance pieces, this type of ensemble will not lead people to want to get up and dance.

Acoustic string ensembles, or combinations with Piano included don’t need vocals – instead the lead instrumentalist will play the melodies. This means you can still request all your favourite songs – you will still hear the melodies – you just won’t have the vocals.

String ensembles have traditionally been associated with elegant and intimate events – and these are the type of events which are now ’the big events’

The wedding music industry is filled with professional acoustic ensembles who would be delighted to help make your wedding day memorable.

I would also be more than happy to discuss how live acoustic musicians can fit your wedding day.

Live Acoustic Musicians – they are small in number – they don’t sing – they don’t dance – they play all your favourite songs – they will cater a special musical experience for you and your guests – they are a form of entertainment that is allowed in the current climate in NSW.

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